Welcome to Conscious & Content

Hi, I’m Ally – the individual behind Conscious & Content. I’m looking forward to sharing and growing with you.

Photo via EchoandBold on Etsy – click on the image to buy this print.

The last two years have been a time of transformation for me. I entered my 30s in 2018, experienced major shifts in my career, had health concerns and made drastic changes to my lifestyle. In 2019 I got married, continued to discover who I want to be, and started the homebuying process. It’s been a ride the last two years.

I am thankful that I continue to grow and learn each day. Through the highs and lows I have truly found a point in my life where I am at my happiest and healthiest. I’ve found that these two states intersect with a lifestyle that embraces contentment and living consciously of both the physical world and consciously of those around me.

I hope to share with you through this blog:

  • A nature lover’s guide to travel in the Midwest and U.S.
  • Healthy food and recipes that are both delicious and inexpensive to prepare.
  • Habits I am personally cultivating in my life to reduce my stress and increase my happiness.
  • Lifestyle tips that are good for your wallet and good for the planet.

I hope to share some of the approaches that have worked for me personally to live a life that is both Conscious and Content.

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