Making a House a Home: Living Room

We are in the midst of chaos right now at home because we’re moving out of our apartment and into our new home in early December! We’re going through our apartment we’ve lived in the last four years and decluttering what we don’t want to bring with us, as well as figuring out what furniture and decor we’d like to put into place in our new home (with about triple the square footage). We have a LOT of furniture to buy and decisions to make.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

I have never really been a home decor person because I’m not great at matching things, but I’ve been going overboard on Pinterest lately getting ideas and I’m excited to share with you what we’re thinking and envisioning. I’ve decided I don’t care so much about matching and instead want to really make sure that our personalities and interests are reflected in the way we style our home.

One of the features I love about the house is that it has two separate living areas – one in the front of the house with ample natural light and huge windows. The other living area is in the back of the house off of the kitchen and sunroom and is going to be great as an entertaining space. We’ve decided we’re going to make the front room the living room (really our book + board game room) and the back room a family and TV room where we’ll hang out when people are over or when we’re watching a show/movie.

Here is a vision board of the themes we’re looking to incorporate into the Living Room:

Seating: We already own the gray couch in the lower right hand corner (I abandoned the ugly cushions years ago) and it’s held up surprisingly well over the last four years considering it was only about $350. I’m hoping to get another 3 or 4 years out of it. I’d like to anchor the opposite side of the room with a cozy reading chair. I (like everyone else and their mother) love the Mid-Century style and am trying to find a chair that has functional design – not your dad’s Laz Boy recliner, but still cozy to curl up in with a book. It’s hard looking online at these chairs because you need to test them out!

Bookshelves: Being a bookworm since elementary school and growing up in a home with parents who were voracious readers, I’ve always wanted to have a space for reading in my future home. I like these low shelves because they still leave plenty of wall space above for a gallery wall.

Travel Gallery Wall: We made a wooden board sign last year that says Adventure Awaits and has a mountain ridge line that I just love (both because it’s so perfect for our preferred type of travel and we made it) and want to make the center of a travel gallery wall. I’m looking for mismatching natural wood frames to highlight trips of some of our favorite trips over the years.

Board Game Table and Shelves: We also plan to incorporate our current, small dining room table and a shelf for our board games and puzzles. One of our favorite things to do together is listen to music and work on puzzles, but in our apartment we only have the one dining room table. As a result, we usually eat around a half finished puzzle (LOL). It’ll be nice to have a separate game/puzzle space from where we eat. Also – I looked up stock images of people working on puzzles and the only ones that came up were senior citizens working on puzzles. I’m personally affronted – puzzles are good for your brain at any age!

All the greenery!: I love the natural light in this south-facing room and plan to move my growing collection of succulents and leafy plants into this room. I have some minimalist black metal plant stands already and hope to mix and match a few more of them (and some new plants!) into the room.

Cozy Blankets and a DIY Ladder: One project I’m hoping to DIY is a blanket ladder. I am astounded that four pieces of wood should cost upwards of $50 and plan on figuring out how to make one of these things myself. I am perpetually wrapped up in warm blankets and as my husband keeps reminding me, our heat will not be free at the house the way it is at the apartment. I’ll have to have blankets around for survival, pretty much.

I’m trying to find our wood furniture at consignment shops or used wherever possible, so we can budget more for the upholstered items.

I’m sure that the vision will evolve once we are actually in the space, but I’ll be sure to share a finished result once it all comes together!

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