Making a House a Home: Family Room

I shared a bit a few weeks ago about our vision for our living room in our new home. Today I’m diving into our family room. While the living room will be more focused on books, relaxing and board games – the family room will be a more traditional space where the TV is, and where we most likely will hang out when people are over.

The family room is right off of the garage and will be the primary way my husband and I enter/exit the home. The prior owners had a hook and bench setup for dropping your shoes/bags. The glass doors off of the family room lead into a screened-in patio, where I envision we’ll have our grill and patio set next summer. (I’m so thankful we’re moving in winter and don’t have to worry about landscaping or the exterior AT ALL right now!)

Here’s a vision board for our family room:

Seating: We are budgeting HARD on the wood items in our house so that we can splurge a bit on the upholstered/fabric items. We love the sectional above we found on Wayfair, but are really open to anything in that color/fabric combination. I am loving the chestnut + navy + white theme.

TV Stand: The prior owners had the same layout we’re trying to recreate with their tv stand in the far corner and a right hand facing sectional. We’re not ones to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily, so we’re going with that same layout. We already own a black tv stand in great shape that can easily move into our new home. We might mount a television in the future when this one needs replacing, but for now this has worked well and will continue to.

Entryway: There is a built-in wood bench and wood mounted hooks in the entryway off of the garage. We’re hoping (fingers crossed) that the hooks came with the house. If not, the above pictured ones will work to recreate this look. I’m hoping to continue the theme of navy blues and hardwoods as soon as you walk in.

Blues and Whites: While our living room will be more grays, creams, and warm colors – the family room will feature cooler colors like different shades of dark blue and white. I think we might splurge on Ruggable area rugs for the family room and living room. These rugs are fully machine washable and have a cover that separates from the rug pad for easy maintenance. We’ll carry these colors into the throw pillows, too. My husband is not a big fan of throw pillows so I know that I’ll have to limit myself in this room!

I love the tan + blue + white, but would make this a little less sparkly and more neutral.

Rich Hardwood Details: One area I’ve been scouring local thrift stores for is reclaimed wood end tables and a coffee table. This may be one splurge category (or a wait and we’ll get this later category). All the reclaimed wood coffee tables I’m loving have an industrial look to them and they’re pretty expensive.

We were able to score a used bookshelf and blanket ladder for our living room this weekend for $100, I’m hoping maybe the perfect end tables and coffee table will make their way into our lives!

I’ll be sure to post an after picture once we are settled into our new home.

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