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Thrift store finds for winter

I’m really getting serious about my 2020 intention of exclusively buying clothing USED. I’ve tried this season to thrift FIRST when I want to find something for my closet, even if it isn’t as easy as buying new. Case in point, my beloved backpack that I wear everyday is starting to tear at the straps and I could use a refreshed winter coat as my heaviest duty one is at the end of its life. I really had to search hard for these two specific items to find one I liked on Poshmark, but I did find them and they were a fraction of the cost of new items.

Since we are in the process of packing and moving into a new home where my husband and I will no longer each have our own walk-in closets (RIP, I will miss you more than you will ever know, dear closet) – I really can’t go too wild on the clothes buying this winter. I’m trying to add pieces that I can easily wear for work and weekends as well as seeking out quality pieces that will last me a good amount of time. Here are some of my thrift finds from this month.

One other thing, I’ve been thrifting used furniture for our new home like a bandit lately, I’ll do a separate post once we are moved in of furniture and houseware thrift store finds, too!

FOUND: An oversized vintage denim jacket

Vintage denim jacket, $19 at a consignment shop

FOUND: A form fitting pair of high waisted jeans

The most comfortable high waisted Levis, $15 at Goodwill

FOUND: Chic blazers that fit well for work or weekends

DKNY Blazer, purchased at a consignment shop $25
J. Crew wool fitted blazer, $12, purchased at Goodwill

FOUND: A heavy duty winter coat for Wisconsin winters

This Lands’ End Squall jacket, Purchased for $60 on Poshmark.

FOUND: A backpack that will withstand daily use

A brand new L.L. Bean backpack that can also easily be carried as a tote (LOVE this feature) that has heavier duty straps and material than my current faux leather backpack. Purchased for $60 on Poshmark.

FOUND: Work appropriate tops with tied sleeves (!!)

Ann Taylor sweater, purchased for $9 on ThredUp
Unbranded tan top, $6 from ThredUp

FOUND: Comfortable, closed toed heels for work in winter

Tan heels, $20 on ThredUp

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