Ruggable Rugs are the Real Deal

It’s been a while since I’ve dived into our home decor because, well, we really haven’t changed a whole lot since we initially styled our living spaces. One area that we spent a bit more on up front (and has proven to be well worth it) was on our rugs.

Our home has hardwood style laminate flooring in the living room, family room, kitchen and dining rooms – as well as in the hallway leading to the bedrooms and office. We knew we’d want to have rugs, and we also knew at the time that we bought our home that it was in our long-term plan to adopt a dog. After nine months in the house, we have the dog and I’m so relieved we went ahead and splurged for Ruggable rugs.

Those Rugs You Saw on Instagram

Yes, they do look familiar. They are in fact the rug that influencer was promoting. And I’m not ashamed to admit that is how I found out about them, as well. I swear the rug prices have a direct correlation to their ad buys on Instagram through influence marketers!

What’s the Hype with these Rugs?

The hype is simple, in and of itself – the rugs are fully machine washable. They come in a two-piece system – a rug pad with a velcro like surface on the top. The rug itself is a cover that sticks (like velcro) to the pad on the bottom. The two piece system means that the rug still has the thicker feel of a traditional rug (thanks to the pad), but the cover is super lightweight and not at all bulky. You can remove the cover if a spill or stain happens and put it right in your washing machine! We have a 10′ large area rug and it fits in our washing machine with room to spare. It washes and dries in your standard home machines and then can be reapplied to the pad once it is dry.

Do Spills Really Wash Out?

Photo via Ruggable

In my experience, yes. We’ve removed beverages (beer), dirt from the yard and driveway, and dog urine to name a few. I do spot treat darker spills before washing, but every single spill has washed right out. I’ve been completely thrilled with how well the investment has worked out – and at this point all four of our Ruggable rugs have had to be washed for a spill in the nine months we’ve had our house.

But They’re Expensive, Right?

They are somewhat pricey, but in researching this – rugs are a weirdly expensive home item. We bought our two large area rugs (5×7′ and 8×10′) on Cyber Monday this past fall and got 20% off. Their normal sales are usually around 15%. We paid the following for our rugs:

8×10′ large area rug (Living Room): List price $399, Sale price (20% off) $320

5×7′ medium area rug (Family Room): List price $199, Sale price (20% off) $159

2.5×10′ long runner rug (Bedroom Hallway): List price $189, Sale price (15% off) $160

2.5×7′ medium runner rug (Dining Room): List price $149, Sale price (15% off) $126

We do have two shorter runner rugs that we bought for high traffic areas that are pretty much disposable (maybe $20 at Target), but when their lifespan wears out I fully intend to replace them with more Ruggable rugs. All in all, our rug investment for our home was under $800 and our dog loves curling up on them.

What Else Makes them Worth the Cost?

One of the Ruggable Star Wars collection rugs – featuring an artistic homage to R2-D2

Ruggable has the coolest fabrics to select from! Right after we bought our first two Ruggable rugs, Ruggable launched a collaboration with Disney – some overt and some subtle Mickey touches. They’ve also launched a Star Wars collection, washable shag rugs, and an outdoor collection.

I love that they have such a wide range of designs and that they have so many Mid-Century Modern inspired patterns. Our style leans a bit that way and I was able to find styles that perfectly fit our decor.

This runner rug was my absolute favorite design – it reminds me of a subway system map, with the transfer stations circled.

If you already have the two piece rug systems, you can buy new rug covers without paying for a second pad (which knocks a significant amount off of the price). Our large area rug (that retailed for $399) takes $150 off the price for the two piece system if you just want a new pattern cover.

The only things I can find to say about Ruggable rugs that is negative is that because they are a two piece system that separates, they can be challenging to vacuum as a high powered vacuum will suck a bit harder on the rug cover. The other (hardly a) complaint would be that for the larger rugs, putting the cover on the pad is really a two-person job to reapply it evenly and without wrinkles.

These rugs, in my mind, were totally worth the splurge and have lived up to their life-proof, easy wash, pet-friendly promises.

Want to give Ruggable a try? Get 15% off your first purchase with my referral link.

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