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Mid-Month Check-In on my Wellness Reset

Hi all! This is really an accountability post for me to muster up the willpower to continue this journey for 15 more days! (Or, by the time this is posted – 12 more days!). I shared earlier this month that after a roller coaster of a summer with some less than healthy habits, I wanted to focus on clean eating, exercising, not drinking and sleeping better.

So, how am I doing? I’m honestly surprised that I’m doing as well as I am and sticking to this thing.

Goal Check-In

I wanted to check in on how I’m doing on each of the 8 goals I set for myself.

  1. Cutting out alcohol – I haven’t had a sip in two weeks! I have been enjoying seltzers and enjoyed the occasional N/A drink. My go-to this summer has been Lagunitas Hoppy Refreshers. They’re a hoppy tasting seltzer with zero calories and zero alcohol. I’m not 100% sure if it’s compliant for a Whole30/Paleo style diet, but I highly doubt one or two a week will kill me. I was bummed because of the timing of this – our latest Bright Cellars wine subscription arrived and the six bottles of wine are super tempting! Looking forward to enjoying some of those in October.
  2. Reclaiming My Exercise Routine – This has been going well, too. I unfortunately was only able to go the gym twice before I was sent home to quarantine, but I’ve been focusing on doing things like yard work / gardening, and doing at-home workouts. I’ve been active 12 of the 15 days I’ve completed so far. By making it an option to do things like yard work or going for extra long walks with the dog, I look forward to it. It’s also been nice feeling sore from a workout. If I’m being honest – I haven’t really pushed myself in months. One thing I haven’t done at home in some time that I’d like to make a permanent change is yoga. I think I’m going to set aside Sunday nights for a relaxation practice and Tuesday nights to be set aside for a power yoga practice.
  3. Staying Hydrated – This is one I was really nervous I’d be setback on because I’m really diligent about water consumption at work. I bring a 24 or 32 oz. water bottle to work with me every single day and we have a water bottle filling station on our water fountain near the bathroom. I make sure I finish at least 32 oz. of water before lunch, and then try to finish one more before I leave at the end of the day. At home, I typically drink out of glasses and am much more laissez-faire about how much I’m drinking. I’m using the water bottle method at home now to stay on top of this. I’ve been averaging 70-80 ounces daily.
  4. Recording What I’m Eating – I’ve written down every. single. thing. I’ve eaten for 15 days. I jot it in a notebook I keep at the table, but I also track it on the WW app. It’s keeping me accountable to not snacking heavily or grabbing a food that I don’t want to eat. I’m not counting calories, but I’m also trying to eat mindfully and only eat when I’m actually hungry.
  5. Meditation / Mindfulness / Better Sleep – I have been doing this, but NOT enjoying it. I started originally by meditation first thing in the morning with my cup of tea or coffee on the couch. Now, I usually do 5 minutes before bed. I just don’t enjoy being alone with my thoughts, which probably means I need to do this more often. For the next two weeks, I want to pause and use the Breathe feature on the Apple Watch. I was sleeping really well for the first few days of this, but since I’ve been in the guest room, not so much. It’s weird getting used to a different mattress, different bed, different bedroom and sleeping alone. I have slept well some nights, but most nights I’m tossing and turning. Luckily without having a 30 minute commute to work these last two weeks, I’ve been able to sleep in a bit later.
  6. Staying off of Social Media – I was really good about this – until I wasn’t. The Instagram app got re-downloaded and hours of my life were wasted. I definitely am addicted to being connected via social media.
  7. Taking a Break from Takeout – I’ve cooked a homemade meal for every meal for two weeks. It’s been exhausting, to be honest, but I feel good about what we’re eating. My husband has ordered contactless delivery, but honestly, what he ordered didn’t even look appetizing, so it wasn’t that bad / tempting. Now if he’d ordered Thai food or something, I’d probably be on the ground weeping!
  8. Focusing on Clean Eating – This part has required a lot of pre-planning, ESPECIALLY since I’ve had to do contactless grocery pickup the last two weeks and I can’t run to the store to pick up one or two things. We fortunately had a huge stockpile of meat in our freezer and our veggie deliveries come weekly through this Wednesday – then they switch to every other week. I have not been rigid on the Whole30 rules – like I used 2T of butter in a recipe and not ghee because I couldn’t find ghee at my grocery store. And I used red wine vinegar in a recipe – also not sure if that’s allowed because it has alcohol? I also ran out of almond butter and let myself have peanut butter. So yeah – not religious, but trying hard to stay away from carbs and sugar.

What Have I Been Eating?

I’ve been meal planning like a crazy woman so that I don’t encounter a situation where I’m tempted to go off the plan. I figure if I can make it through 30 days, I’ll have re-established some healthy habits and I’ll feel better about the occasional treat. Moderation. Here’s what I’ve eaten for meals and snacks for the first 15 days… rather than link to all of them, I’ll post a follow-up post in October with the recipes we liked best.

Breakfast Foods:

  • Potato Apple Sausage Hash
  • Scrambled Eggs (only twice so far!)
  • Roasted Sweet Potato and Nut Bowl
  • Berries + Cashew Cookie Larabar crumble + Coconut cream *This was a decadent treat if I’m being honest – SO yummy!*
  • Hashbrown + scrambled egg + veggie casserole
  • Wilted greens with eggs over-easy and bacon

Lunch / Dinner Foods:

  • Beef barbacoa over cauliflower rice
  • Tomato and zucchini soup
  • Tomatillo chicken over cauliflower rice
  • Burgers in a lettuce wrap with caramelized onions and special sauce
  • Taco meat in a lettuce wrap
  • Beef pot roast with carrots and potatoes
  • Kale salad with apples, berries and nuts
  • Grilled chicken and vegetable skewers with spicy aioli dipping sauce and kale chips
  • Tomatillo shakshuka with fried eggs
  • Beef bolognese sauce over zucchini noodles
  • Indian butter chicken with cauliflower rice and roasted broccoli
  • Chicken tacos with pineapple slaw as a salad
  • Beef sloppy joes over greens


  • Larabar Lemon bars
  • Larabar Apple Pie bars
  • Larabar Cashew Cookie bars
  • Figgy Pops Cranberry Pistaschio bites
  • Dried dates
  • Banana with almond butter (this has been my go-to)
  • Apple and celery sticks with peanut butter
  • Berries
  • Unsweetened applesauce
  • Sugar snap peas


  • Lots and lots and lots of water
  • GTS regular (unflavored) kombucha
  • Bubly unsweetened seltzers
  • Black coffee
  • Herbal tea
  • Black tea
  • N/A Lagunitas Hoppy Refreshers

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