6 Low Carb Breakfasts that AREN’T Eggs

I’m definitely a carb-lover for breakfast in the morning. If I could eat this everyday without consequence, I’d have a latte with almond milk and almond syrup and a chocolate croissant. But, alas, my budget and my waistline can 100% not afford to eat that way everyday!

I realized in doing a clean eating challenge that I rely really heavily on breakfasts that are high in natural sugars and don’t necessarily keep me full all the way until lunch. When it’s warm out, my go-to breakfast is a smoothie and when it’s cold out, my go-to breakfast is oatmeal with fruit. Nothing is wrong with these foods, but I need to figure out ways to mix it up and find more filling meals.

I am not one of those people who can eat eggs everyday for breakfast without complaint. I also am far more of a sweet-tooth for breakfast than liking a savory breakfast. I discovered and tried all of these recipes during my clean eating challenge and NONE OF THEM ARE EGG-CENTRIC and all of them satisfied my sweet tooth! I’m excited to share them with you!

Just a quick note – all of the recipes linked here are credited to the blogs where I found them. All credit for these recipes go to the original creators. This is just a compilation of my favorite breakfast recipes I tried.

Cinnamon Apple Sweet Potato Bowl by Just Jessie B: I prepped four days worth of this recipe in my Instant Pot and cooked the sweet potatoes all at once. I diced up one apple every two days (so it wouldn’t brown in the fridge). It was really easy to assemble quickly in the morning. We’re in peak apple season at the moment, so it was such a sweet and seasonal indulgence! I never thought of eating sweet potato for breakfast until now!

Chicken Apple Breakfast Hash from The Whole Cook. This was a breakfast that landed somewhere between sweet and savory. The apple sausage I used really helped to sweeten up this recipe, as did the fresh apples and using a Vidalia onion. I did cut up all veggies in advance, but cooked this daily, so it took a bit more time to prep day of. This was a wonderful warm, hearty and filling breakfast. If you’re not as anti-egg as I am, you could even fry and egg and enjoy it on top!

Whole 30 Berry Crunch Bowl by Natasha Red. One of the things that drives me nuts about cooking clean breakfasts on Whole 30 is that you already spend so much dang time cooking dinner on this plan, and then you’re supposed to get all your dishes dirty at breakfast, too? 90% of the reason why I enjoy eating oatmeal and smoothies is that it is quick and doesn’t dirty a ton of dishes. This recipe was a welcomed exception to the norm as it was a ONE BOWL recipe! I did not use coconut cream here, but rather used just plain lite coconut milk so it was more of a cereal like texture. I can’t believe how much this breakfast fills me up – it has to be the protein in the cashews! This also takes, seriously, 60 seconds to throw together. You couldn’t find a sweeter, more filling, quick and simple clean breakfast.

Whole 30 Berries and Cream Breakfast Crisp by Mrs. Happy Homemaker. This breakfast was a decadent treat! I made this for my first weekend of Whole30 when I was still really missing sugar and it definitely was a welcomed sweet flavor that kept me going. I cooked this in my cast iron in the oven and while it was a hot mess to clean up later (really go heavy on the coconut oil, you guys, you’ll thank me later when you’re not scrubbing your pan!). This breakfast was a bit more high in fat than I’d ever eat normally, but it makes for a lovely treat. I’d actually like to try this with sliced apples or with peaches in the summer.

Healthy Breakfast Bowl by RecipesJust4U. This apple, dried fruit, nuts and banana bowl is warm and seasonally perfect (doing this low carb thing during apple season was an excellent unplanned outcome here). This was warm, filling and hit just enough sweet notes to remind me of oatmeal. I used pecans, walnuts and almonds and topped with a bit of almond milk rather than coconut milk.

Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake by Wholesomelicious. This recipe was delicious, but the texture definitely took some getting used to. It also does use eggs, but you don’t taste them, honestly! With pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple and nuts – this recipe is definitely a perfect fit for fall. The texture is a bit creamy – sort of reminding me of flan for lack of a better comparison. I ended up finding it a bit too creamy to eat by itself, so I added a sliced banana and some additional pecans and a bit of nut butter on top. It reheats really well in the microwave – I baked this on Sunday night and ate it each morning this week.

I’m super thankful to these recipe creators for coming up with delicious, low carb egg alternative breakfasts. I’m definitely going to keep some of these in rotation, even now when I’m not avoiding carbohydrates intentionally.

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