The Best Asian-Inspired Veggie Recipes

I normally like to group together my recipes by a common ingredient, but in this case, I’m grouping them by their regional origin. As some that follow my Instagram account know, I have a content partnership with my CSA this year and I’m constantly recipe testing to highlight the various produce items that come into season each week. Unlike the way I normally meal plan, I have ingredients delivered and I need to plan around which veggies we are highlighting each week!

These are some recipes that we have been enjoying that are Asian-inspired (with origins in Thai, Indian, Chinese and Mongolian food cultures). Some of these had unexpected flavor profiles, or were ones I might not have tried had I not been actively working to feature a specific veggie. Enjoy!

Peanut Noodle Salad | Recipe by Counts of the Netherworld

Get the recipe here. This recipe has a Thai origin features cabbage, edamame beans, pepper, scallions, carrots, basil, peas and garlic. It has a gorgeous color from the wide variety of colorful in-season veggies! The peanut honey sauce gives it that distinctive taste you associate with Pad Thai. I’d recommend using fresh edamame beans if you can find them (the texture is vastly better than frozen) and snow peas (easier to cut up for a salad).

Fish Cakes | Recipe by Donal Skehan

Get the recipe here. This recipe has a Thai origin and was one I sought out of the need to use up a large quantity of green beans from both our CSA subscription AND our next door neighbors. I had some mahi mahi in the freezer, too, so this was incredibly easy to whip up! This recipe features cilantro, pepper, garlic, ginger, green beans, and scallions. These fish cakes sort of reminded me of a cross between a fritter and a crab cake. They were so delicious, came together quickly and were a super healthy weeknight meal.

Potato Red Cabbage Tikki with Mint Coriander Chutney | Recipe by My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

Get the recipe here for the tikki and here for the chutney. This recipe has an Indian origin and uses potatoes, cabbage, green onion, pepper, mint and cilantro. I made an Indian Malai Kofta recipe similar to this featuring potato and tofu that I highlighted several years ago in my post about using tofu. Unlike that recipe, this uses a fresh herb chutney (cool) rather than a heated tomato and cream sauce. I like the crispy outer layer that the tikki gets from the pan frying, but would also recommend heating in the oven before serving. I find that they firm up a bit and are easier to serve this way. We served our tikki with jasmine rice.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls | Recipe by Madeline Hall

Get the recipe here. I’ve had stuffed cabbage rolls before and love them as a cool weather comfort food. However, I’d only ever had the more traditional eastern European style with raisins or grapes in the cabbage rolls with a tomato sauce. This stuffed cabbage roll uses Chinese inspired ingredients and features vegetables like mushrooms, cabbage, carrot, green onions and garlic. I’d highly recommend using ground pork if making this recipe. The flavor is so much better than ground beef!

Onion Scallion Beef | Recipe by Rasa Malaysia

Get the recipe here. This Mongolian-inspired recipe is super quick to prepare for a weeknight meal and is so full of flavor. The recipe highlights a velveting technique, which I’d not heard of, and it did make a massive difference in the texture of the meat and the sauce. It features a more premium cut of meat (tenderloin), which can be a bit more expensive. This is definitely a recipe I’m going to keep in my pocket when tenderloin goes on sale next near me. It features onion, garlic and scallions. We served ours over cauliflower rice to incorporate another vegetable.

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