The Best Fresh Pepper Recipes

Peppers (and the wide variety of them) come into season in late summer and extend into early fall. It’s a great chance to experiment with peppers you’re less familiar with and different cooking techniques. This summer I’ve been particularly into recipes that utilize blistered or roasted peppers.

Burrito Bowl with Roasted Corn and Poblano Peppers | Recipe by The Kitchn

Get the recipe here. This recipe uses poblano peppers. A perfect late summer dinner, this burrito bowl combines cherry tomatoes, fresh corn, poblano peppers and enhances canned black beans with fresh garlic. I added chorizo because, why not? Customize this as you’d like – use your cheese of choice, protein of choice or even substitute cauliflower rice for brown rice if that suits you.

Chicken Chili Verde with Avocado | Recipe by Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch

Get the recipe here. This recipe uses poblanos and jalapenos. You first roast tomatillos (another wonderful late summer crop!) and jalapenos to create your own scratch chili verde. This is much easier than it sounds, I promise. You then slow cook in a crockpot a flavorful chili using chicken, white beans, poblano peppers, onion and garlic. Super flavorful without any pronounced spice.

Black Bean Quesadillas with Garlicky Shishito Peppers | Recipe by Naturally Ella

Get the recipe here. This recipe uses shishito peppers. I love finding recipes from Naturally Ella because she always delivers flavorful and creative vegetarian recipes. We’re not vegetarian, but when I can find really interesting and flavorful plant-based meals, I’ll always give them a try. These quesadillas are remarkably simple, it’s just blistered shishito peppers with black beans and garlic, layered on tortillas with cheese. I’m notoriously HORRIBLE at flipping quesadillas without spilling everything. If you, too, struggle with the art of quesadillas, this article from Bon Appetit is helpful.

Roasted Bell Pepper Tostadas | Recipe by Pinch of Yum

Get the recipe here. This recipe uses bell peppers. Tostadas are a fun way to switch up Taco Tuesday, and I like a crunch taco shell over a soft one any day of the week. Because a tostada is served flat, you can pile on the toppings to your heart’s content. For this simple recipe, you layer refried beans (we added ground beef, too, why not?), blistered bell pepper strips and toppings of choice. We added avocado, Macha chili oil from our friends at uBu Foods in Green Bay, and cheese.

Photo via The Curious Plate

Al Pastor Baked Chicken Tacos with Shishito Pepper Salsa | Recipe by The Curious Plate

Get the recipe here. This recipe uses shishito peppers. This recipe is a bit labor intensive, but you can expedite the process by prepping the chicken and salsa one day in advance and just assembling and baking the night of. I love the sweetness that the orange and pineapple lend to the chicken, and the shishito peppers add a bit of sweet heat. Most shishito peppers are sweeter than they are hot, and even when they have a bit of heat, it’s far less than peppers like jalapenos. This is a kid-friendly recipe (in my opinion) because of the sweet fruit forward profile and lack of spice.

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