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Fall Cocktails of the Moment

We’re continuing our trend of making a seasonal cocktail each week into fall. I’ve still found some fun ways to incorporate seasonal flavors as we move out of summer and into cooler weather.

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Spiced Pear Gin Fizz from Herbs & Flour

Get the recipe here.

Liquor used: Gin

Fruit featured: Pear

Notes: This cocktail features a cinnamon simple syrup which has been such a delight to incorporate into fall cocktails! If you have trouble finding pear juice, check the baby food aisle. We were only able to find pear juice in our region made by Gerber.

Pear Pomegranate Mule from Food Fanatic

Get the recipe here.

Liquor used: Vodka

Fruit featured: Pomegranate, Pear

Notes: Give yourself extra time to process the pear nectar. It adds such a sweet and intense pear flavor that you simply won’t be able to replicate with juice, BUT it takes a while to strain the nectar. I ended up needing 4 pears to make two cocktails.

Sparkling Bourbon Pear Cocktail from Honey and Birch

Get the recipe here.

Liquor used: Bourbon, champagne

Fruit featured: Pear (juice)

Notes: I used the same cinnamon simple syrup for this recipe and the Pear Gin Fizz listed above. I recommend buying a miniature bottle of sparkling wine or champagne for this recipe unless you’re preparing 4+ drinks. You just add a bit at the top of this drink, so it isn’t worth buying a full bottle for the small amount you’ll use here.

Aronia Berry Gin Cocktail from Northwest Edible Life

Get the recipe here.

Liquor used: Gin

Fruit featured: Aronia berries

Aronia berries are grown in the upper Midwest, have a remarkable fresh storage shelf life (or sweeten further once frozen), yet they are weirdly hard to find recipes that utilize them! This is likely because they are far more commonplace in Europe than in the U.S. I was pleased to find a few aronia berry cocktails and made a larger batch of aronia berry simple syrup to try them. This was my first one up and I loved the bright pink color! The aronia berries are tart, so cocktails using them may need a bit more sweetness to balance it out.

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