Hi! I’m Ally, the author behind Conscious & Content.

Conscious & Content seeks to share ways to find happiness and health that are affordable and accessible. I’ve created this space as I’ve been seeking a creative outlet to share some of my passions: healthy cooking, travel, how to make a lesser impact on our planet and how to reduce stress and find balance in your personal life.

The name Conscious & Content comes from my desire to be more conscious and more content:

  • Conscious of how to live my healthiest life, while still making room for pizza and wine (balance, people!)
  • Conscious of how my consumerism and lifestyle impact the environment.
  • Conscious of how disconnected we are from nature, and how healing it can be when we allow ourselves to be immersed in it.
  • Content with myself – forgiving myself when necessary.
  • Content with what I already have – rather than constantly seeking more, more, more.

I look forward to sharing some of my favorite recipes and tips from the kitchen, places we’ve traveled, and products and hacks that are good for the planet.